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A blend of world class business leaders and financial advice professionals deliver thought-provoking insights over three days. Discover high-value learning opportunities that apply directly to your business and enhance the quality of your advice.

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Andrew  Demetriou

Former Chief Executive Officer, Australia Football League

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Changing the Public’s Perception

The AFL journey to bring the game back to the people parallels the public perception challenge facing financial advice. Former CEO of the AFL, Andrew Demetriou led the Australian Football League through 11 years of innovative change but faced detractors, poor public opinion and behavioural barriers on his way to creating two new AFL Clubs, record TV rights contracts, a new roofed stadium and record club memberships, game attendance and public support. Financial advice is braced to overcome similar challenges on our journey toward professionalism.
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Geoff Ross

Founder and Former CEO, 42 Below

Monday 13 October 2014

Get a Proper Goal

The initial idea came while watching an advertisement for American vodka on board a plane coming back from the United States;
“My first thought was an American vodka?’, that’s a bit strange”, quips Geoff. “America is the home of bourbon and wasn’t somewhere I would ever associate with a vodka. To me vodka needs to come from somewhere very cool, natural and pristine. I thought New Zealand had the feel of Sweden of the South Pacific, only cleaner. So in Theory we should be able to make our own vodka”. So he did.

Geoff was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of 42 Below, which only four years ago was being distilled in a garage.

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Tim Reid

Founder and Host of “The Small Business Big Marketing Show”

Sunday 12 October 2014

Marketing To Win More Business

The marketing world has changed in the past 12-months, 6-months … even the past month. The great news is, these changes play right in to the hands of you … the financial planning business owner. In fact, there’s never been a better time to market your business. Ever!  So join me, Tim Reid, host of The Small Business Big Marketing Show (Australia’s #1 marketing podcast), as I introduce you to the concept of helpful, modern marketing. You’ll discover how to rank well on Google, a simple 3-step plan for never running out of helpful marketing content, plus practical ideas for using video marketing, podcasting and blogging to generate more prequalified enquiry and grow your business. All backed up by case studies of real small businesses. In no time, I’ll have you punching way above your marketing weight and attracting more of the right clients without spending a fortune. Now that’s got to be good for business.
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Paul Taylor

Executive Performance Coach, The Body-Brain Performance Institute

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Body & Brain Performance

A former British Royal Navy Aircrew Officer, Paul is an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Neuroscientist and Adjunct Faculty at The University of San Francisco.

Your body-brain performance overhaul. 

The idea is to see how an integrated brain-body approach to personal peak performance works on 4 individuals from different walks of life. We will look at how non-athletes can benefit from taking a leaf out of athletes books – specifically, I am talking about an integrated approach that trains both the body and the mind and incorporates recovery strategies as well.

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Amanda Gore

Communication and Performance Expert

Monday 13 October 2014

Six Secrets to Great Conversations

“Customers who rave about your company don’t rave about your company – they rave about how your people made them feel.”

Amanda Gore is a communication and performance expert, who for over 25 years has been helping people achieve results by re-connecting them to what really drives perception, attitude, behaviour, engagement, joy and positive outcome in business and life.

Her expertise in transforming the spirit of people and cultures changes perceptions; improved relationships and leadership; connects and engages people; and reframes the value of change.

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Daniel Flynn

Co-Founder / Managing Director, thankyou water

Sunday 12 October 2014

A Social Enterprise Born of Innovation

Daniel Flynn is passionate about inspiring others to challenge the status quo and dream big to see bold ideas become reality. Daniel will share his journey of taking a small innovative idea and rolling it out to major retailers across the country, a movement that now involves millions of Australians who are making an impact globally. Complete with powerful lessons learned in the areas of leadership and enterprise, you’ll be motivated and challenged to achieve the impossible in your own life.
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Jon Burgess

Sunday 12 October 2014

The Three Minds Approach

The Three Minds™
Are you ON mind, FRONT of mind or TOP of mind™

Business leaders today face three significant challenges:
1. Maintaining and growing profitability through sustainable opportunities
2. Adapting to an ever-changing marketplace that demands new ways of thinking and working
3. Attracting, retaining and empowering high performing people

The capacity to develop meaningful, authentic relationships and work collaboratively within and across organisations is central to meeting these challenges. Competitive advantage is no longer just about increasing intellectual property, aggressive pricing or differentiation. People networks are the new frontier of competitive advantage, providing greater resilience in all economic climates.

The Three Minds™ offers a unique approach to building people’s capacity in this arena. It empowers people to create connections, rather than merely contacts, and convert them into advocates – the key to sustainable, high-value people networks. Mobilise your people with the values, behaviours and strategies to build this transformational capability and remain relevant and top of mind with your network.