How to Run a Sustainable Corporate Super Practice

Gareth Hall

Founding Partner and Financial Planner, Lifestyle Financial Services

Neale Doust

Head of Sales and Relationship Management, MLC

Tuesday October 14

7.00am – 8.15am

Gareth Hall from Lifestyle Financial Services, a long time practioner in the corporate super area, will provide an insight on the impact of legislative changes on his own business over the past three years, how he has adapted his service offer and his vision of the future of advice in this sector of the industry.

Neale Doust from MLC will present their view on what the new role for advisers will be with employers and employees and how MLC intend to support specialist advisers make the most of a potentially under-serviced market segment.

Campus AFA: Start you pathway to achieving your Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner

Nick Hakes  Facilitator

Head of Campus AFA

Tuesday October 14

7.00am – 8.15am


  • What is the Campus AFA Master Class? This master class is a practical hands-on workshop that uses the post-graduate content of the FChFP as the foundation for crafting a strategic plan for your business. Gain insight into the four business projects of the FChFP.
  • Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP): The FChFP is the AFA’s highest professional designation. The learning framework balances formal education with its practical application and upon completion gives an adviser one-for-one credits towards a Master of Financial Planning.
  • Why is it important? Consumer research tells us that consumers value highly educated advisers that create a trusted environment and deliver exceptional client service. This is critical in building a profitable and sustainable advice business.
  • Who should attend? Financial advice practitioners who are interested in enhancing their business performance and professional reputation by gaining the AFA’s professional designation.
  • What you’ll get out of it: Craft your own business strategy for the 2014 post-FoFA world. We will use the post-graduate thinking of the FChFP business projects so you can walk-away with the foundation for your own strategic plan for your business.
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 Outcomes for the adviser: 

  • Advisers will participate in a facilitated discussion on the environmental factors influencing the changes in the financial advice landscape.
  • We will build a complex SWOT during the master class using the strategic planning process within the FChFP.
  • Create positive adviser perceptions about the value of investing in post-graduate professional development.

Key themes: 

  • Establish the link between the investment in education and enhanced professional credibility and business performance.
  • How will the business projects of the FChFP help improve my business and client experience?

Leaders Forum

Gavin Glozier  Facilitator

Tuesday October 14

7.00am – 8.15am

Leaders Forum is about sharing leading thinking. The successful business decisions of yesterday will not deliver the same results for tomorrow.

Further innovation is needed to sustain your hard-earned competitive edge – as a business leader we invite you to share in leading thinking with your peers. The session which will be facilitated by Gavin Glozier.


Richard Klipin  Facilitator

CEO, Millennium3

Tuesday October 14

7.00am – 8.15am

Starting out as a financial adviser can be really tough. There are a unique set of challenges to overcome in your first 3 years of advising. GenXt facilitates the transfer of knowledge, experience, skills and networks for the next generation of financial advisers. Over an informal breakfast session have a conversation with the recent AFA Rising Stars about their journey to running a successful advice business. Richard Klipin, CEO Millennium3 will guide the conversation.
All breakfast sessions are COMPLIMENTARY and included in a full delegate registration.

Please nominate your preferred breakfast session on your registration profile.